(May 9 Update video below)

We have a new lead pastor to introduce

to you. His name is Jim Cabush. Jim and

his family come from Hagerstown, MD

where He has been serving the past

10 years as Family Pastor.

The Cabush family hope to be joining us

by mid-summer to begin their ministry

here at LV Grace. 

Pastor Jim Cabush:

1. is an ordained pastor in the Charis Fellowship

2. is married to Tina Cabush, with 2 children Caleb and Grace ages 13 and 11


    - Doctor of Ministry, Covington Theological Seminary

    - Bible concentration

    - M.A. Biblical Studies, Temple Baptist Seminary

    - B.A. Letters and Science, University of Wisconsin

    - Psychology concentration


    - Sermons/Teaching

    - Expository teaching approach

    - Multigenerational pastoral experience

    - Pastoral Care Pastor

    - Small Group Biblical interactions

    - Family ministry and outreach

    - Married couples Bible studies

    - youth and community outreach

    - Children's ministries

    - Counseling

    - Operations and administration


May 9- Here is an update on the Cabush transition journey to the Lehigh Valley