The Pastoral committee is happy to be able to have this forum in order to stay in front of our entire congregation with regular updates with the process of finding our new senior pastor. We are doing so prayerfully and through scripture and discussion, and appreciate your constant prayers as we navigate through this process. Please come back to this page regularly to see updates as we continue to move forward in God's leading us.

Information updates:

  • On 10/27/20 the Elder board passed a motion to form a pastoral search committee following the guidelines laid out in the Manual of Procedures. The search committee is looking for a pastoral candidate to present to the congregation by January 31, 2021.

  • January 31, 2021 .

  • The members of the committee: Becky McAdam, Brad/Michelle Cassel, Randy/ Catherine Roberts, Mike/Lesle O’Hare

  • We are asking for prayer and input. Please submit written input and questions either: to the committee email address , or place in the question box in the lobby.

  • Email address:

  • The lead pastor job description has been completed by the committee.

  • The position is posted on the Charis

  • The position is posted on the Grace Seminary website.

  • There is a Pastoral Search link on the church website.

  • There was a first interview with a pastoral candidate on 1/2/2021

  • There was a second interview with a candidate on 1/14/21.

  • We have received another resume. The committee is discussing the resume and next steps.

  • We are asking for dedicated prayer for the Pastoral Search every Monday starting on 1/18/21.

  • 01/20/21 UPDATE: The committee has completed a second interview with the candidate in the past week that they had originally had an online ZOOM interview with. They are presently praying and talking about this 2nd interview and will be updating the congregation soon.

  • 01/20/21 UPDATE: The Pastoral Search Committee is asking the church family to start using each Monday from now until a new Pastor is found as a dedicated day of prayer. We ask that you spend this day around your work schedule and important things in life to pray, and if the Lord calls you to fast, to do so this day. So starting now, please take this time to pray/fast for our local church, Christ’s church as a whole, the Pastoral Search Committee as they continue to work towards God’s lead in all of this, and for God’s hand and will to be made known.

  • 01/20/21 UPDATE: The Pastoral Search Committee has received a series of questions from members asking about candidates’ positions on Biblical inerrancy, 7 day creation, the literal interpretation of Scripture, marriage, church discipline, social justice and other related questions. All candidates’ answers must be consistent with Scriptural truth, the Charis statement of Faith and Charis continuing resolutions. Every candidate is being fully vetted by the committee and the Elder board, including multiple interviews and full background checks. Candidates are also being provided our Constitution and Manual of Procedures to review for general agreement. In addition, the congregation will also have the opportunity to ask the candidate any questions during a candidate weekend, after the individual has been extended an offer and agrees to candidate. 

Thank you for your questions. Please continue to ask questions and pray during this time. God is doing great things!

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